How much room is needed for the set up?

Each set up takes up approximately 81” x 30” space. If you are tight on space the tray can be folded and laid on the mattress so that the space per person is approximately 67” x 30”.

Are delivery and set up included?

Delivery, set up and take down are an add-on option. The prices you see on our website are per tent for the do it yourself option, where you are responsible for pickup, setup and returning the equipment. However, we’ve priced our tents so that if you add on delivery it’s still reasonably priced. We want to provide you with options. 

How long are the rentals for?

Our prices are for one night and the rentals are for approximately 21 hrs. Upon booking the tents pickup/drop off (or delivery and take down) times will be agreed upon.

Is a deposit required to hold my party date?

Yes. All the details regarding the deposit are in our terms and conditions. The short story is there is a $100 deposit required to book your party. 

How do I book a party?
Fill out the contact us form with as much detail as possible, it’s helpful to let us know how many tents you’d like, if your set up is for a boy or girl, and the date of the party. If you’d like to get a delivery quote be sure to include your address. We’ll get back to you with availability and pricing. Once all the details are confirmed and you’ve paid your deposit you are booked!

How do I pay?
We will send you an invoice via PayPal. This invoice can be paid by e-mail transfer or PayPal. Details of payment are in the terms and conditions.

Do I have to clean the equipment before I return it?
No, leave that up to us! We make sure everything is cleaned and sanitized upon return. We wash the linens with Tide Free & Gentle.

Are pillows provided?
No pillows are not provided for sanitary reasons. Blankets and a fitted sheet are provided with each tent. 

What’s included with the rentals? 

Please click here prices/packages for a list of everything that’s included. 

In some of your pictures you have paper plates on the trays, are they included?

No, they are not included. However, they are from our online store A Little Confetti and when you book a sleepover package with us you receive a promo code for 10% off party supplies from A Little Confetti. If you choose to order party supplies at checkout select pickup to avoid shipping cost and they’ll be packaged with your sleepover rental equipment. 

Are there any rules regarding the use of the tents?
We just ask that you treat the equipment with care, as if it was your own. Our tents and blankets are handmade, and we take pride in creating them for your enjoyment. We ask that you are careful when setting up the mattresses to ensure there are no sharp objects that can puncture them. We understand that children will eat snacks in the tents/on the trays however we ask that you avoid providing food that can stain and ruin the bedding and tent covers such as spaghetti, Kool-Aid, etc. 

Are pets allowed on the set up? 

No, please keep the mattresses/tents pet free. Their paws/claws may puncture the mattresses or rip the fabrics. 

Can your tents be rented for just a few hours for a photo prop or a party prop?

Yes of course, we want to be as accommodating to you as possible. If you are just looking for the tent we can provide that at a reduced rate, contact us for details. However, if you want the complete set up with linens and mattress, one night’s fee will apply. 

Are your tents for sale?
No, we are currently not selling our set ups. Maybe in the future?! We’ll see!